Support Care Process

Making Care-giving easier for everyone involved

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, everyone is different and as such, we all have very different needs and requirements. Our Services Support Care Process will ensure that everyone will receive the care that they need and want! We have established this procedure to ensure that everyone is both 100% satisfied and happy, and well cared for.

Step One: Initial Contact

At Healthy Homecare Services, we understand the importance of caring for our loved ones, whether it be for ourselves or for others. Our staff treats you like family, not just a client. We offer unique services that set us apart from other home care agencies. Whether you need post-hospitalization care or assistance with daily routines, our team is ready to help. We believe that being in a comfortable and familiar environment is crucial for a smooth recovery. We strive to meet your demands and make your recovery process hassle-free.

Step Two: Care Assessment And Care Plan

Now that we have had the initial contact and meeting, it is time to analyse your situation in depth and work out the best solution suited to your needs. During this meeting we can go into more details, explaining all the different services, what they entail and what we can do to make you happier and more comfortable. We can create a care plan for you based on what you need, identify any risks and how to manage them after that we will forward a copy of the plan to you and your family and a copy of the risk and risk management plan. You can look through the plan, and ensure it suits your requirements, as well as request any changes that suit you as an individual.

Step Three: Assignment Of Carers

Now that everyone is happy with the support plan, it is time to begin choosing the personal carers who will be assigned to you. We don’t just throw any carer with any client; we want to ensure that two people will have a close and friendly relationship. In the same way, we maintain the same carers to ensure that they become familiar to the family; we try to keep carers and their clients to a minimum to guarantee that they form long-lasting therapeutic relationship.

Step Four: Commencement Of Care

Once everything is arranged, it is time to begin the care and support that you need. It is important to remember that if you require any changes, we are always happy to speak with you and review the plan as and when your needs changes.