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Compassionate Care for Life

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Expert service with a staff with a Passion for caring

"Life can be hard, confusing, weird and well stressful. We support community individuals seeking respite and recovery."

Pilgrimage Short Stay Recovery Unit focus on supporting community individuals who need our services. They will receive high-quality care from experienced professionals.

Our unit offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals who are recovering and in need of a break from life stressors be it mental or physical health needs. We provide accommodation, personalised care plans, assist you to access to medical professionals, therapeutic, Gym, activities counselling or therapy sessions, and we support you with activities of daily living. We assist our clients to rejuvenate, recharge, and regain confidence, their physical and mental well-being.

The environment connects you with others who are going through similar experiences, fostering a sense of community and support.

At Healthy Homecare Services, we provide support to help clients live independently and happily in their own homes. We understand that asking for help can be difficult, but our highly qualified staff can guide you through the process step by step. We offer support for long-term illness, temporary care, short-term care, and permanent long-term care. Our team is professional, friendly and can provide companionship and friendship in addition to assistance with everyday tasks.

Our carers are carefully selected and receive advanced training in various areas to ensure they are always prepared to provide the right amount of care. We understand that each client is unique, and we ensure that the right carer is placed with them to build a genuine friendship and respect. We want our clients to have an ongoing relationship with their carer, someone who will always be there for them when needed.

As we age and become older, or become ill, often it is hard to be able to take care of even some of the simplest domestic chores, but that doesn’t mean that we are unable to regain our daily skills. Just because we may need help with our chores and household jobs, doesn’t mean that we need to move out of our homes, it just means that we need help. Don’t let your household and domestic jobs affect the way that you live your life! Let Healthy Homecare Services help you to maintain the lifestyle that you enjoy, all in the comfort of your own home. Maintaining your lifestyle and independence is vital to every person as well as maintaining stable mental well being, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about seeking help, embrace it!, that is why we are here to help you. Just because you need a hand with a few jobs around your home, doesn’t make that you are any less independent, it just means that there are changes within your body. We have a team of highly-qualified specialists who can come into your home and help you with even the simplest of tasks, all to make your lifestyle easier and more enjoyable! Ask Us How We Can Make Your Life Easier Today! We can work with you to create domestic services tasks and roles which will enable you to lead a much simpler and happier lifestyle. We can also arrange to help work with your family and friends to create a network that will leave you 100% happier, freeing up more time to allow you or your family to do other important things in your life. Home Healthcare Services: Domestic, Duties and Responsibilities • General household cleaning around your home such as Vacuuming, polishing, dusting, and bathroom cleaning. generally tidying, and many other light, house cleaning duties. • Washing up, cleaning kitchen surfaces, and emptying dishwashers, etc. • Laundry, folding and ironing. • Helping with Benefits, GP, Dental, hospital and any other important appointments. • Helping support friends and family who are also taking care of you.

At Healthy Homecare Services we have a variety of different care solutions based off of our client’s needs. No two people are the same, and no two situations are exactly alike. That is why we work with our clients to ensure that we come up with a care solution that suits their needs. Our friendly and trained staff understand how hard it can be to care for your loved ones on a 24/7 basis; that is why we are ready to step in, and help you share the load. Asking for help isn’t admitting that you have failed, or that you can’t look after yourself. It is simply reaching out and getting the help that you need to remain as strong as possible. If your loved one is suffering, then you may need to consider reaching out and asking for help from the professionals. Healthy Homecare Services is proud of our carers and proud of the palliative care and support which we offer our clients. This is a hard time for even the strongest people, never be ashamed or worries about picking up the phone and discussing your palliative care problems. The main goal for us and our carers when offering palliative care and support is to ensure that our clients receive only the best quality of life in a very stressful and emotional time. We believe caring comes from within and is not just a job. It takes a special kind of carer to be able to live with, and take care of someone during this time of life. That’s why we pay special attention to the carers we provide to our palliative care and support clients. Palliative care support requires someone that is full of life and has extra love to give, sensitivity, respect, and professionalism. Our carers will be right there by your side, or your loved one’s side, during this very emotional time. Many of our clients come through NHS or St Barnabas Hospice which we have established strong relationships as a premier palliative care giver. Often when people are close to the end of their life, we look for ways in which we can make their life as comfortable as possible. One of the easiest ways you can accomplish this is to allow your loved ones to spend their remaining days in the comfort of their own home, with the support of a professional and highly-qualified palliative carer.

If you are looking for a break or maybe you have friends and family that are finding it hard to fill in all the gaps in your care, then a respite carer or live in carer could be just the solution you’re looking for! Healthy Homecare Services provides highly-qualified and friendly respite carers and live in carers to help you live an independent and happy life. Often, when we have friends and family caring for us, we forget that they have their own busy lives to lead. They need to try and balance their responsibilities and duties, with caring and looking after others, everyone needs to take a break sometimes. Helping to take care of someone you love and care for is an extremely rewarding job, but unfortunately, your own responsibilities will often keep piling up. Finding someone to step in and help out can be an amazing feeling. Even if it is only to fill in the gaps to allow you to step away for a while, run some errands and take a break, it can be enough to recharge your batteries and make sure you are staying up-to-date with your own duties. Knowing that a trained professional carer is taking care of things while you have a break, is often enough to help you get your jobs done and energise your batteries. Healthy Homecare Services have professional and friendly carers ready to step in and help you get the breaks that you need! You don’t have to have a week off to feel the benefits. A respite carer can be arranged to step in and give you an afternoon off, or morning off. We will try to provide tailor made respite even at reasonable short notice. If you are finding it hard to find carers, or the strain of looking after a loved one full-time is becoming too much, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. A professional and qualified live in carer from Healthy Homecare Services allows you or your family member to receive 24/7 care and support, while they maintain the independent lifestyle that you are used to. Often having the independence and familiarity with your own home is just the positive and healthy lifestyle that elderly or sick people need as the go through the last part of their journey.

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